Antiques and Heirlooms

You have a household you’ve just inherited...what do you do?

Call the relatives and have them choose the items they want, what makes it an equitable decision? How do you place a price on these items? How do you know what to ask family members for various items? Can you keep everyone happy? HELP!

Call Antiques and Heirlooms, we are here to evaluate (at a fair market value or current retail replacement value) your antiques, art, jewelry, and collectibles, provide written appraisals, deal with relatives, and dispose of all the excess items (via private sale or public estate sales). We completely empty homes and make sure real estate is prepared for renovation and sale. We handle charitable organization donations and the final clean-up.

Our fees are predicated on straight commission, flat rate or hourly fee depending on your needs and the size of the estate. We provide security, advertising, delivery service and full staff for the sales. References and curriculum vitae by request are provided.

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